Stripped back guitars, stead fast viola and basic production with touches of experimentation provide the foundations of Tout's sound on their first outing. Elongated melodies and sharp guitars recorded alongside stripped back acoustic melodies and the accompaniment of Angela Chan's Viola and Jonny McKemey's drums help form a sound reminiscent of sparse terrains with tinges of traditional country music and Appalachian folk. Angela Chan's viola on tracks such as 'I felt in a panic' and 'I was sitting in the living room' help add greater space to the already stripped back instrumentation along with the accompaniment of organ, giving these tracks an 'old-world' feel whilst still sounding fresh. Several field recordings appear on the album providing clear atmospheric breaks between tracks. Simple melodies are beautifully augmented by soaring viola and driving drums, interspersed by tranquil drones and echoing slide guitar. Available on CD digipak and download.

Neil Cain – guitar // Nick Downes – guitar // Jonny Fryer – guitar // Angela Chan – Viola // Johnny Mckemey – Drums // Anne Freier – Piano

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