"We had been discussing the idea of a live recording for some time and following a series of shows we decided in June 2016 it was the right moment. We wanted to capture the evolution of some of our studio recordings, several of which are unrecognisable even to us. With the addition of Peter Bennie, who had been playing with us live since the release of Tout Third and who had also contributed to the recording of the album, we set about trying to capture elements of our live set."


Crammed into our friend's studio situated in Netil House, Hackney on an impossibly hot day, we chose our favourite tracks and attempted to capture some of the energy of the live set. We agreed no overdubs and only took one or two takes of each track. We had some help with the addition of a very understanding engineer, a Lesley cabinet and a homemade radio microphone on the drums. This is a recording that is particularly close to our hearts. We are proud to present Tout Live and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Peter Bennie - Double Bass // Nick Downes - Guitar // Jonny Fryer - Guitar // Jonny McKemey - Drums // Simone Potter - Viola

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Callum Sadler

©Trestle Records 2016