The One Day Band sessions are an ongoing series of improvisations hosted by Trestle Records. Musicians, sometimes meeting for the first time, are invited to collaborate on a record made in a single day. The sessions are produced at Callum Sadler's studio space in Netil House, Hackney and engineered by Callum Sadler and Nick Siddall.


Featuring Chris Vatalaro on drums, triggers and electronics, and Liam Byrne on Viola Da Gamba.

An incredible 10 hour recording session in Netil House finds Chris Vatalaro and Liam Byrne taking a whole new approach to the One Day Band. Pausing to arrange, discuss and overdub the two musicians collaborated in every sense. Vatalaro augments his drum kit with electronic triggers to produce electro, synth accompaniment for his sure footed and inventive drumming style. Byrne's Viola da Gamba is heard acoustically bowed and plucked as well as duplicated through a series of computer effects. Both Vatalaro and Byrne find balance between the traditional sounds of their instrument alongside digitally expanding the pallet into a sensibility very of its time.

Featuring Terry Edwards (PJ Harvey, Gallon Drunk) on saxophones, Duke Garwood on electric guitar, Rose Moore on Bassoon, piano, synth, bells, music boxes and Oli Betts (The Duke Spirit) on drums.

A session offering a broad pallet of sound and instrumentation. Textural guitar forms a shifting background for riffing horn, arpeggiating synth and subtle piano. The tracks range from gentle contemplations to an abrasively kinetic alt-blues. Rose Moore brings a range of approaches to the session alternating between tuned hand bells, bassoon, music boxes and keys.

Featuring Justin Gartry (Bella Figura, Dark Moon) on bass, Tommy Longworth (Cyclones) on drums, Nic Nell (Casually Here, Rainer) on synths and Lukas Wooller (Karas, Maximo Park) also on synths.

A contemplative session ranging from thoughtful and melodic to driving motoric electro-pop. Synths provide percussive mallets, spacious drones and arpeggiation contrasting beautifully with the dry lulling bass and punctuating live kit.

Featuring Leo Abrahams (Eno, Jarvis Cocker, Jon Hopkins) on guitar, Leafcutter John (Polar Bear, Melt Yourself Down) on electronics and modular synth and Tim Harries (Eno, Bill Bruford, David Holmes) on bass.

A truly deep listening experience, ODB 6 is perhaps the most singular recording in the series to date. Intense and rewarding, this is an epic headphone experience which sees three musicians letting go in every sense.

Featuring Leo Abrahams (Eno, Jarvis Cocker, Jon Hopkins) on guitar, David Coulter (Tom Waits, Damon Albarn, Yoko Ono) on an array of tuned percussion, Jaw Harp and Saw and Seb Rochford (Polar Bear, Acoustic Ladyland,David Byrne) on drums.

Ambient echoes, scratchy percussion, crunchy loops, washed out delays, electronic feedback. Cinematic sweeps sit at ease with bare knuckle percussive drive, whilst jaw harp pulses and the saw bends its moan atop guitar, abstracted into ambience. There is a profound sense of ceremony at work even in the more subtle passages of interplay where the improvisers allow space, self-editing in attuned support of one another and the sounds being discovered.

Featuring Django Django’s Tommy Grace on synths, The Phantom Band’s Duncan Marquiss on guitar, The Rakes’s Matthew Swinnerton on guitar and bass, with Talk In Colour’s Rob hervais-Adelman on drums.

Tommy Graces’s multiple synths lead the way with layered sequencers and arpeggiators forming the electro backbone and setting the tempo. Adelman’s drums flow through a range of styles, offering dynamic variation, from percussive metals to thudding low kicks. Duncan Marquiss’s guitar, using delay, pitch-shift and fuzz distortion contributes angular melodic passages and washed out abstractions, whilst Swinnerton’s guitar brings a mix of dotted rhythmical staccato and crunching overdriven strums. The outcome of this collaboration is five tracks of uplifting, highly kinetic and at times epic, music.

Featuring Milo Fitzpatrick (Portico, Band Of Skulls, Nick Mulvey) on Guitar, John Thorne (Lamb, James Yorkston, Robert Fripp) and Adam Coney (Various Cruelties, Morviscous, Liam Bailey) on piano.

An excercise in minimalist textures, the session features meditative arrangements with delicate motifs drifting in and out of existence.

The second of an ongoing programme of curated, one day sessions of improvised music. Featuring James Daoud (MYo) on guitar and laptop, Nick Siddall (Talk In Colour, Morviscous, EQLS) on guitar and Synth and Dean Valentine-Smith (Various Cruelties, Liam Bailey, Orchids), on drums and synth.

With each player using two instruments (often at the same time), this session teases rhythms from abstraction into coherent arrangemts. As rich with poppy hooks as it is with spacey improv, session 2 brings together three imaginative players in fine form.

Featuring Pete Bennie (Morviscous, MYo) on Double Bass & Electric Bass, Beanie Bhebhe (Rudimental, Orion Arm) on Drums,  Danny Keane (Mulatu Astatke, Nitin Sawhney) on Cello and Keir Vine (Portico) on Piano & Electronics.

The session that started them all, a wild & beautiful day of strings and synths.

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