Based in London, Ross Downes is a British musician and fine artist who composes ambient, electronic, instrumental music. His recordings are filmic meditations combining atmospheric sound design with influences from ambient, minimal, industrial and contemporary classical music. Downes is a multi-instrumentalist who's attention is more recently focused upon synthesiser and electronic processes, where once he utilised electric guitar and effects.

He's latest record, Stacked Up At Zero, due out in Spring 2020, is a beautifully crafted record fluctuating between calm solace, foreboding tension and ambient longing. Fundamentally an electronic record, synthesisers create a darkly ethereal setting, evoking entranced contemplation that regularly gives way to shadowy territories. From comforting to concerning. It’s a record of psychological landscapes, between truths that need comfort and fictions that give escape. The influence and love of cinema permeates the record. Downes builds a world, creating an environment influenced by soundtracks, potential narratives and a propensity for the dramatic.

In the last few years Downes has collaborated with artists on large exhibitions, namely 'Res-o-nant' at the Jewish Museum, Berlin with Mischa Kabul and 'Signal', at the Museum Slaskie, Poland in collaboration with Cologne based artist Sebastian Freitag. He's last release was a collaboration with Kreidler's Thomas Klein AKA Sølyst.


From Isolation 3

dog day morning


Hiding In History

The Kind Animal

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